Can voice clarity/expression/emotion be included in HearThis training

I’m in an EMDC series and we were discussing in a breakout room the importance of having “good readers” make the recordings, not just those who know how to read the language, but people reading in an expressive way that makes people want to listen to the recording. I have found that this is not automatic when translators make a recording. We, the breakout group, feel that providing tips or some kind of training that addresses the clarity/expression/emotion of the reader’s voice would enhance the effectiveness of HearThis recordings. Is this something that could be considered?

Quite possibly. How/where do you think this kind of training should be provided?
Some possibilities:

  1. Video help available online.
  2. Video help installed with HearThis.
  3. EMDC training (that people could attend live or later access the recording).
  4. Written information supplied on the website and/or with the program.
    5 Some kind of live, in-person training.
  5. Links to existing helpful content that we manage to find available online.