Change source text for Glossary (and Topical index) to work?

This is my first app build - have question on Glossary and Topical index. First glossary. Translation team in PT 7.5 created GLO, using almost correct format as I understand it - for example - \k Bafarisayo: \k*, note the full colin “:”. Using “word list” in PT, that word Barfarisayo is found 34x, for example Matt 3:7. Looking at text, see the word has the “" after it, but not "\w … \w”. I can not change the main text. Is the only way to solve this is to request the translation team to create for me a modified source text? Second, the team has created in PT a Topical index TDX. Is this something that can be added to the app?
Thank you for any help you can offer.

I have made hundreds of apps, many of which include the GLO and TDX books from Paratext although only the GLO book links to the \w…\w* markup. The Topical index typically has more text and the “key” is often a long sentence and not what you would use easily in the \w…\w* markup in the Scripture text.
In order to use the \k…\k* markup and the popup function in the app I always move the colon after the key word so it matches correctly in the text. The colon is not part of the word so should not be included in the \w…\w* markup
\li1 \k word\k*: Text text text.

In the Scripture text you would need to include the word in the text with the markup, than a vertical bar | and then the exact form of the keyword in the GLO file if it is different than the word in the Scripture text. It should look something like this in the Scripture text…
\w hello|hi\w*
The source text will display the “hello” part and the popup will display the glossary information for “hi”. Be sure capitalization matches in the glossary with the actual part after the bar in the source entry.