Chapter number drop caps

How do I show chapter numbers on a single line–i.e. don’t have drop caps?

You need a pre-chapter-number chapter label for that (\cl Chapter). You can set that to e.g. a zero width non-breaking space.
How about this sort of thing in your changes.txt:

at GEN  "(\\c 1)$" > "\\cl \ZWNBSP\n\1"

This is a crude and ugly hack, because it will destroy any real \cl in your input. This is, I think, one of the things that “Use Special features for these books” does, but I think they do some other things too.

Thank you. That got me on the right track.

One note, your change above is missing a slash. It should be \\ZWNBSP

Your solution put the chapter number above and centered–actually above the section title. I was trying to keep the number on the same line as the first verse, so this code ended up working.
'\\c (\d+)\r?\n\\p' > '\\c \1\n\\m \1 '
I then turned off having chapter numbers show up in the Body tab. Eventually I’ll likely wrap that second \1 in some formatting markers so I can make the verse number slightly larger and bold, just not two lines tall.

I believe that chapter heading lines are styled with \cl, rather than \c. You should be able to re-style \cl as much as you like, it’s just a (heading) paragraph style so that might be a simpler solution (for most people).

I’m not sure what you are asking for. Are you asking for a single line cutout rather than 2 line cutout? Or are you asking for something in a separate paragraph like \cl would give you?

I think I have it working now.

I wanted the chapter number to fall on a single line. At that point I’m not even sure I’d consider it a “cutout”, just text that comes before the \v 1 number at the beginning of the first paragraph.

David’s solution put the chapter number in a separate paragraph, which isn’t what I wanted but is nice to know about.