Content List and Book List Don't Drag

Please, can there be an improvement on the new SAB version 8.6.3?

I did some work recently and I wanted to rearrange the book list and the content list but discovered that I couldn’t drag it and I’d to work on the files to do it manually but it took lots of time and have lots of errors but I eventually did.

I’ll appreciate if there’s an improvement on it.

Thank you…

This used to work. I only discovered it was not working the other day in a demo to a class. :-/

It is in the bug list now.

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Yes, sorry, table reordering stopped working after we bundled the latest Java JRE with the build. This has been fixed now, ready for the next release of Scripture App Builder.

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Thank for the information sir.

Is it possible that we can always get an information about updates for new releases in our mails? I believe most people like I do don’t get to know about the update until we check online.

Thanks for the support sir.

GOD bless you…

Thank you sir…

May the LORD continue to bless you and your team with HIS divine knowledge and wisdom in Jesus name…