\cp tag is ignored in SAB 4.6/4.6.1

I’m using SAB to build a song book app. Some songs in the book have alternate version(s) of them so I used \cp tag to make the app show alternative song numbers for those songs, e.g. 24A, 24B, etc. It worked well with the previous versions of SAB, but the \cp tag seems to be ignored in the latest version of the app builder. I wonder if it’s just me or there is a bug in the program.

Yes, sorry, you are right. There is a problem here. It will be fixed for the next version of SAB. Thank you for spotting it.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for clarifying the issue. I’m glad to know that you guys are working to fix it. This might be slightly off topic, but it would be great if you can see if it is possible to implement the use of \cp marker to display alternative song numbers in the song book index as well.

Yes this is affecting languages whose numeral system is not built into SAB. If a national numeral system is used as a work around and \cp markers are present either the app crashes if it is the only collection or the app crashes when the collection with \cp is chosen that has been set to any other Numeral System than Default.

The \cp marker is supported again in SAB 4.7, and on the song index page.