Creating Home Page for an app in SAB

I am creating a Bible app for a project we have worked on in Paratext. We want our Bible app to have a home with a Bible reading plan, verse of the day, and last read page. So that the Bible books can be opened by a Bible tab, but it seems that one can’t be done in SAB or I don’t know how to do it. I need someone to help me with that if it can be done, or if it’s not included it will be featured later.

Thank You

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Yes, SAB apps are a bit different than e.g. the layout of the YouVersion app.
What you can do is to create a Contents Menu. You can have one item “Bible Reading Plan”, another one “Read the Bible” and others with additional materials or Settings etc. You could also include a link to a page with instructions how to use the app. Here are two apps with Contents Menus
The SAB app will always re-open with the passage that the user read last. There is also a reading history in the Settings (Navigation drawer). So you don’t really need a “last read page” item in the app.
The verse of the day cannot be found in the app. It is a notification that appears at a certain time. So unfortunately you can’t display a Verse of the Day inside the app, currently.