Creating multiple AAB

Multiple APK can be created but multiple AAB cannot. Most of the files I create are AAB files since I publish on Google play store alone. I’ll appreciate if this feature can be included so that I can create multiple AAB files.
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Steve Jacob

@steveaj11 , when you mean multiple AABs, I assume you mean with the “Build Multiple Apps…” dialog?

No sir. When you want to build multiple apps, you can only build the APKs and not the Android App Bundles.

Sorry, maybe I was not clear. Are you wanting to use this dialog to build AABs for multiple projects? Currently this dialog only supports building APKs.


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Exactly Sir. I’ll appreciate if future update can enable me to build multiple AABs. Thanks so much sir.

This has already been requested (Nov. 2021):

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I have over 10 apps that I update as a batch, but have to build 1 AAB at a time.

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