**Critical Issue with App Update sent to Google Play store - won't install

Currently I released a new version of the app to be released to beta users as an open test. When I try to update my app , it downloads fine, but then I get this message during installation:

“Can’t install Kitabul Muqaddas (Bangla)
Try again, and if it still doesn’t work, see common ways to fix the problem.”

I attached the screenshot.

I’ve gotten this same report from several of my beta testers. If users aren’t able to update their app, we will likely lose many users - not to mention the impact on ratings in the app store. I’m on a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have noticed it will install fine if I uninstall the old version first, but I don’t think that’s a good solution. This is very strange to me. Previous app was released over a year ago.

Our apps are built by Kalaam and distributed by them on the Play Store. They use their keystore. When I make changes for a test build, I download the current version, and make the changes, but in order to build a test version, I have to add in my local keystore (as the download doesn’t come with the Kalaam keystore). So I build with me local keystore, give the app to testers, and when we are happy, I upload the changes to Kalaam, they build with their keystore and post to the Play Store. Our testers MUST uninstall the previous release version before they install the test version, and after testing and distribution of the new version, they MUST uninstall the test version before they install the new released version. This is because the versions use a different keystore, which makes the apps “incompatible”.

Is it possible that this is your problem? If so, then it is only the testers that must uninstall. The typical user will upgrade seamlessly from the old app to the new app, both signed with the same (Kalaam) keystore.

I bet you’re right. I’m a frontend/UI guy - not a developer, so this is my first experience publishing an app to the app store. It’s good to hear that this shouldn’t be an issue once the beta is out of testing - if I’m understanding you correctly.

Thank you for responding Jeff! I’m really thankful for this software!