Deep linking out of SAB

On the topic of deep linking, I think it would also be helpful to build in deep linking out of the app to other key apps. This would help for making an integrated scripture engagement and resource promotion strategy by allowing deep linking into social media apps like the Facebook app.

For example, I am working on some Bible study apps that we also have recently launch a Facebook page and Messenger Bot for. Currently, we have a link that can deep link directly into the Messenger app so users of our app can start a Messenger conversation. However, it isn’t straightforward (or maybe even possible) to open our Facebook page in the Facebook app from the SAB Bible study app. I can put the link to Facebook page that opens on the web browser but most people don’t use Facebook that way (i.e. they have the Facebook app) and opening in the browser requires that the user input their username and password into the browser. From what I understand, it would take some type of coding to handle asking the user if they want to open the Facebook link in the browser or in the Facebook app. Or it may be 2 different hyperlinks all together. Not sure of the solution but wanted to write it in here so it was noted as a feature suggestion.

If the capability already exists to deep link into the Facebook app, perhaps someone could enlighten me how to accomplish such a thing.

This isn’t exactly what you need, but FYI there is the functionality in SAB to add menu items under the hamburger icon. Go to Features : Menu Items. Click the Add Menu Item button, and choose the Open a Facebook page radio button. It asks you for a web address for the browser, and also a FB page ID to open up the FB app directly. Here’s the issue though. It is quite hard to find the page ID for a FB page. Googling instructions gives several, varied means, but none really match FBs current interface. I did finally find a page ID that worked and opened the app, but it only worked for a few months. When I tried to confirm our page’s FB page ID on the web, I noticed that it had changed. So I’m not sure how useful this is.
I’d be interested in knowing if anyone’s found a way to get a stable page ID.