Deferred Deep Linking - IDs transferred to Branch?

Google doesn’t approve one of our apps because they say:

“We detected user data transmitted off device that you have not disclosed in your app’s Data safety form as user data collected.
Device Or Other IDs Data Type - Device Or Other IDs (some common examples may include Advertising ID, Android ID, IMEI, BSSID, MAC address)”

In my app, this can only be triggered by Branch Deferred Deep Linking. Is it true that IDs get transferred to Branch? In this case I would need to change my Data safety form in the Google Developer account.

I am currently looking into this and would like to have some insight from the SAB developers please. It appears as if Branch collects IP addresses which counts as personal data. If this is the case, then the privacy policies used for such an app would need to be adjusted too!
We would need to state: yes, we collect personal data. Yes, this data is shared with Third parties (with Branch). Then explain what it is used for. It’s not PII (Personally Identifiable Information) but personal data nevertheless…