Delete account tab

The data deletion link is something Google is adamant about providing.
To enable users to request or delete an account from within the app, it would be beneficial to include a Delete Account tab in addition to My Account.

I am hoping this request will get some attention.

Best regards.

@Raja_Sand If you go to the ‘Change Profile’ page within ‘My Account’, you will find a ‘Delete Account’ button.

Google needs a webpage that a user can use delete their account without the app installed.

You can create a Google Form or a basic webpage with contact info and/or steps on how to delete their data.

Confirming Greg’s comment - It is not optional, even though it says that it is, so a URL MUST be given in the Play Store settings for each app that incorporates a User Account. I have bolded my comments going forward simply to differentiate them from Google quotes.

In the Data Safety section, each app entry must answer the following questions.


if you click “Yes”, you are presented with a place to put in the URL.


It seems as though Google does not want to allow any other way for someone to be able to request their account be deleted. This is what Google states here regarding apps that include a User Account. Note the bold “and” in number 2.


The User Data policy’s Account Deletion Requirement means that:

  1. All developers must complete new Data deletion questions in the Data safety form on the App content page (Policy > App content) in Play Console.

  2. If your app enables account creation, you must:

  • provide users with an in-app path to delete their app accounts and associated data; and
  • provide a web link resource where users can request app account deletion and associated data deletion. You have the opportunity to show users if you delete other data too.

The question is, Is this something SAB is going to address “globally” or do we need to follow Greg’s suggestion of developing a form and URL to include in the apps.