Delete Account URL

Is there a “Delete Account URL” from SAB/SIL that can be used to fill in the safety data form in Google Play Console? Or do we have to create the url ourselves? What should be filled in the page? Our application uses a user account and currently Google requires it to be filled in. Thank You.

At the moment, you will need to provide your own. We are working on a web application connected to Scriptoria that will collect the request and email the owner and organizational admin of the app. I am hoping that we can deploy that solution this summer.

I would recommend a Google Form that captures their email address. From the requirements, it doesn’t have to be an automated process. But someone needs to be notified to remove the information from Firebase.

We currently do not have the deletion process documented (what needs to be deleted and the order). Is there anyone that has already done this and could share?


Chris Hubbard

thanks Chris for the information, I will create a Google form to capture their email address.