Device ID Not Error

We have developed a song book for our Sunday School. We were granting our members to use the App using device specific access codes . Unfortunately some of our members are reporting the app couldn’t run stating “Device ID Not Found”.

How to solve the problem? would you solve this problem in Next update if possible?

What android versions are having problems? Are the people having problems those granting permission or those who are being given the permission?

We have a bug fixed for the next version where those granting permission, with Android 8+ were having issues.

The problem happened after they update their Android version to Android 10.

Who is having the problem, the ones authorizing or the ones you are trying to add?

Android 10 comes with stricter security. The app is not allowed to access the device IMEI or serial number. This is why the “Device ID not found” error appears on Android 10 devices.

In Scripture App Builder 7.2, due to be released in the next week, you can use the Android ID instead of the IMEI or serial number. This is accessible to the app and is device and app specific.

This sounds great! Thank you for your efforts and swift answer

Hi. In my case both are having issues. The ones authorizing (device ID not found) and the ones adding. (App terminate immediately on attempt to add user). This are all happening on Android 10

This is good news. Thanks for your efforts and the entire team.

I have just updated to 7.2 and build an app then all issues are solved like a magic. Thanks to the team. Great work is done on this last version. Remain blessed

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