Directly Updating Biblical Texts without creating a new release

It’s quite inconvenient to create a new release when there are minor and major errors in the Biblical text.
It’s quite painful to do so as a solo volunteer developer.

From a management perspective, it’s a better plan to release it only when the text is 100% correct. However, this is impossible in our case because:

  • Most ethnic translators handed the files to the Bible Society, and they are no longer maintaining it. Therefore, the content is updated based on community feedback.
  • There are only two or three persons working with Biblical content (USFM) and have many other responsibilities.
  • The proof-check process might take many years.

So, to regularly update Biblical texts (corrections), releasing a new version is not desirable.

I would like to request a feature for the texts to be updatable via the internet (or even better, auto-update). Or, any suggestions?

This is an interesting idea. There is a repository called the Digital Bible Library (DBL), and when translation teams make updates to texts, they usually send those updates to the DBL. Texts are pulled from this repository for use by YouVersion,, etc., so when updates are made in the DBL, the text in YouVersion, for example, is updated.

I could see this working two ways. The first way is that the text could just be pulled out of the DBL by the app when it runs. But that presupposes Internet access, and in our area of the world at least, we really count on apps not needing Internet access, and being able to be passed from phone to phone.

The other way is that in SAB, there could be some mechanism for updating Bible texts directly from the DBL, and then the app would need to be built again. That could maybe even happen semi-automatically for apps that are being built in Scriptoria.

I’m just sharing my thoughts here, in case they help inspire other useful thoughts…

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I wonder if this idea could be incorporated into the Scriptoria Service?