Display if audio has been downloaded or is already present, and manage audio downloads

This may not be needed everywhere, but for places with slower or expensive internet, I was wondering if it would be very difficult to have a way to easily see which audio files have already been downloaded or not.

Also, when internet is good or at a place with good Wifi, adding the ability to download specific chapters or books would be nice. But if this is complicated, having the ability to download all books (already a feature being worked on - thank you) may be enough.

Thank you!

I agree. It would be nice to see a mark or icon showing that the audio for the current chapter is on the device.

If the audio file is already on the device, the audio controls should be BLACK or Dark Gray or even GREEN.
But the controls should be LIGHT GRAY if an audio file is available in the cloud, but the file is not currently on the device.
I.e. it seems there are 3 states:

  1. There is an audio file, and it is ready to play.
  2. There is an audio file, but I have to find it or download it.
  3. There is an audio file, but I am unable to find it or download it (not on the device and the download/streaming failed).

It would also be nice to have the option to: “Download all the audio files for this book” (rather than having to go chapter by chapter and click Play to force the downloads).

It would also be VERY NICE to be able to specify a location on the device where downloaded files should be put/or already are. (Yeah, I know some phones have horrid file management, but that should not keep the rest of us from being able to use our phones like a real device that we control.)