Documentation for using Scripture slideshow templates

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to use the new feature for making slideshows from templates in Scripture App Builder. I found templates to download, but no instructions on where to put them and how to use them in SAB.

The new feature for making slideshows requires the previous slideshow templates to be converted into a new format. I haven’t documented it yet since I am working on higher priority issues with the release. Thanks for your patients.


Thanks, Chris. Are there some sample templates that have been converted that we can get to?

@LorenHawthorne, There will be a new Slideshow Templates download wizard (like JDK Install wizard) in SAB 10.1. The templates have been uploaded (and will be managed) from a GitHub Repository:

You can download a zip of the templates (they are rather large at > 500MB). If you would like to test them out before we release 10.1, that would be great! If you find any issues, we might have time to address them before the next release.


Thanks, Chris. I’m looking forward to test driving 10.1