Does iOS app support lexical model? (SAB 7.1 for Mac)

I’ve been beating my head trying to change something that will get my predictive text to show up on iOS the way it does on the Android. I use the same 2-letter language code without Script extension for the keyboard, the lexical model, and the interface language. (I did find that when I was using the 3-letter code for the interface language, which I had been doing long before the keyboards came along using 2-letter codes, on iOS that caused the keyboard itself not to appear.)

But I’m wondering if this functionality is actually implemented on the iOS side. @ChrisHubbard, should I be able to see predictive text there?

In 7.1, lexical models should work for Scripture apps on Mac with keyman keyboards. I have one app that I just tested with to make sure. Outside of keyman it doesn’t. If you could place your project files in a location I could get them, I could try to see if I could either identify the issue. or make what you are doing work in the next release. My email is Thanks.