Duplicate File Names in an apk

Inside the apk file there are duplicate filenames.
When the apk file was uncompressed this is the error I received.


This error happens with .png files and .xml files.


These are just two of the over 50 errors (I stopped counting at 50)

However it only started after upgrading to SAB version 10
apk’s made with SAB version 9 do not have this issue.

Why this is a problem:
We are trying to host the apks on Archive.org and they will not upload the files because they see the duplicate filenames as the file being corrupt.

Is there some way to fix this?


Please help me understand. Archive.org is decompressing the .apk files to host them? I don’t understand why it would since the APK would need to be installed as the compressed file.


Not exactly. Archive.org tests the validity of zip files before it hosts them. Since it knows apk files are really zip files it tests them as well.

Normally this is to make sure that the files did not get corrupted while uploading.

So I uninstalled SAB 10
Deleted all the old app files

Reinstalled SAB 9
Redid the app

And it has has no issues now. But the target API is lower so that might be an issue later.

Can two version of SAB be installed on the same system?
In this case SAB 9.3 and 10.3

Seems they can but not well. They do not use the same API and I could not get both API to exist at the same time (But since this was not my real problem I did not try very hard).
So I reinstalled the SDK each time and they worked.

Built the app using SAB 10.3 and it had the duplicate files again.
Built the same project using SAB 9.3 and once again three were no duplicates.

So I think it is an issue with SAB 10

I don’t believe we made a decision to change this. I imagine this is done by the android build tools.

I imagine it is a bug in archive.org to complain about this.