Duplicating a project

Is it possible to duplicate a SAB project?

Basically I’d like to use one project as a template for another. Rather than poke around through every setting I changed on the first app, I’d like to start with it and just make the adjustments I need (new books, images, app name, etc.).

Currently I open the two .appdef files and compare them, moving things from the original into the new one. Maybe that’s the best way of doing it, but it certainly seems non-intuitive.

In the File menu there is an option to “Copy App…” Select that and enter your new project name. I think that should take care of most of the details of rename your .appDef file, the data folder, etc.

Arrgh, I could swear I looked for that… in that location… before writing on the forum. :smiling_face:

Anyway, thank you for the quick reply.