Email subject line tags

A small question, or rather request, about the subject line of emails from this group. The default elements in the subject line take up quite a bit of space. As a result, the message list in email programs shows very little of the actual subject:

Would it be possible to shorten these tags? For example, [Scripture App Builder] could easily be shortened to [SAB], an acronym all or most users would be familiar with.


Hello @paulus_kieviet,

I took a look at the configuration for the Discourse site. It looks like the configuration for the email subject is defined for the whole website. Unfortunately, there is no way to customize for the Scripture App Builder topic to use an abbreviation.

We might be able to shorten β€œ[SIL Scripture Software]” to something shorter or remove it. Would β€œ[SIL Software]” or β€œ[SIL]” be enough context? Do we really need it?

Thanks for the suggestion,


I have changes β€œ[SIL Scripture Software]” to β€œ[SIL]”. Is that better?

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I think this is definitely better. Thank you!

(PS Had posted a reply days ago but somehow replies from Outlook don’t reach their destination here. Perhaps the β€œRe:” in the subject line is a problem?)