Enable Scriptoria to post APKs to Amazon App Store

The Amazon Kindle Fire 10" Gen 13 tablet is surprisingly nice. Adequately bright Full-HD screen. Responsive CPU/GPU. Expandable storage (up to 1TB microSD). Even supports an optional digital pen and Wi-Fi charging. It takes a nice cover or even a keyboard cover (I believe). And it has a simple UI and is really cheap (like $100 at Christmas), especially when compared to Samsung Tablets.

So, this type of Kindle Fire tablet now seems like a plausible tool for some field teams.

But it uses Amazon’s App Store. And I’m not seeing any Scriptoria apps on there.

I have copied Scriptoria’s APKs to the device and verified they work (Cool). So, is it possible and/or a good idea for Scriptoria to post approved APKs to the Amazon App Store automatically like it does for Google Play Store?