English/OL Versification

I have a versification mismatch in Jonah. Our project uses OL Versification, so English verse 1:17 is verse 2:1 in our translation. However, HearThis prompts the user to record “Chapter 2” after verse 2:1. It’s not a very big deal - I can rearrange sound files - but it could get more complicated in other passages. So is there a setting that I haven’t noticed in HearThis, or should this be a bug report or feature request?

Assuming you have the versification stuff set up correctly in Paratext, this sounds like it’s probably a deficiency in HearThis. If it is possible to add Tom Bogle as an Observer to your Paratext project, that will probably make it easier for me to take a look and see what’s happening.

Probably no need to add me to your project. I am able to reproduce this on a small sample project I created. (For me, even chapter 1 is out of order!)

Well, I found my problem, and I suspect it is the same one you are having. I forgot to put a \p after the \c. If I do this (in both chapters), it fixes everything. The markers check does catch this problem.
So I’m not sure whether to regard this as a weakness in HearThis or not. It certainly is cryptic and weird, so I could see where it would be nice if HearThis were better able to alert the user to the problem. Perhaps the right thing is to follow Glyssen’s lead and tell the user if at least the Markers check (and maybe the C/V check) are not reporting that they have been run and are currently passing.

Thanks, Tom. Yes, wasn’t anything but the verse marker at the start of Chapter 2, so I’m sure that was the issue. Good to know that this isn’t an issue with versification in general in HearThis. We’ve just started recording for naturalness early on in the translation process rather than recording after everything is Publication ready. In my project, there really should be a Section Heading there too, which would have visually alerted me (in Standard View) that the \p marker was missing. I’ll have to have my guys add Section Heading text.

I have made changes to HearThis to try to deal with missing “required” markers better, so it should be more robust now.