Error missing AGL file glyphlist.txt

Last week I was working on typesetting 1-2KI, and PTXprint produced a draft for me, but with a previous title pages PDF, because the team hadn’t yet told me the name they wanted on the title page. I’ve gotten that info now, produced the PDF of the title pages, selected that PDF in PTXprint, and now when I print, it gives me this error:

As far as I know, I haven’t changed anything in the settings from when it worked last week. It’s possible that I updated the version of PTXprint. I’m currently on 2.3.1. Any thoughts?

I just updated to 2.3.2, and I could print with the old title pages PDF, but when I switched to the new title pages PDF, I got the same error.

That reminded me… When I previous created a PDF with Word (2019) using the Export function, I got some strange PTXprint errors. So I tried creating the PDF using Print and sending the document to Microsoft Print to PDF. Put that PDF into the shared\ptxprint folder for the project, made sure the project was pointing to it and… it printed just fine!

So if you have weird errors and produced a PDF that is included with Word Export, then try another means of producing the PDF file.

It looks like that middle line is one of the most significant:
Trying to include PDF file with version 1.7 which is newer.....
Can you export as PDF1.4?

As I said, I’ve had this problem before of Word Export producing a file that PTXprint can’t handle. When I saw this before, Mark checked out the PDF file produced by Word Export with Adobe Acrobat, and found that it was mal-formed in some way.

There are a couple of options for the Export command, but not export as PDF1.4, as far as I can see. I do have a solution… print to the “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer. I just need to remember to use the option when I’m producing PDF files for PTXprint. And when I get around to trying out the new Cover Page functionality in PTXprint, I may not need to produce PDFs for PTXprint as much…

A facetious answer would be to use LibreOffice. PDF generating programs are meant to call for the lowest version of the standard necessary to handle the PDF features being generated.

But I think there may be a way around this. I’ve created a version of ptxprint that takes a command line option -V 17 (or --pdfversion=17) to allow you to set the version of PDF that xdvipdfmx will generate (and therefore import. It won’t import a PDF version greater than the version it is generating).

Try this out in the next release (or interim) and let us know how it goes.