Error reports from firebase and other topic

Above are the error reports I received this morning and I don’t know what to do about it. Please I need your help.
2. Please search option has not been streamlined and this needs to be done urgently.
For example, a user wants to search for where it’s written in the scriptures “give and it shall be given unto you”. The user knows that this text is found in the gospel, but when he search for it, it’ll bring him results from the whole Bible. This is really cumbersome.
I’ve requested before and I’m requesting that this option should be included as many of our users are really complaining about it.

Thanks so much for your constant assistance.

Steve Jacob

@steveaj11 For the crashing, please can you send us a sample book or a project that we can use to reproduce the problem. Thanks.

Thank you for your enhancement request about improving the search.