Exclude certain books from "book selection popup"

I’d like certain books to show up in the dropdown menu enabled here

While still allowing most of the books to be there.

One thing I tried is moving the books I don’t want in the list to a new Book Collection, but that just makes be in a new list together.

Is there a way to remove certain books from that list?
Or is there a way to make the “Enable book selection popup” apply at the Collection level instead of at the full app level?

Can you explain in what situations you don’t want a book to show up in the drop down list? How would people navigate to those books?

I adjusted this so it is a feature request.

The full book front matter, the NT, a few back matter articles, and a book of maps.

We’re using a hybrid system where both the dropdown reference selector works, but we also have a series of Contents menus. The Contents menus point to each of the articles, maps, and NT books. But it would be better if the dropdown reference selector was limited to just the NT books.

I’m not sure of all the implications, but try marking the book type for the books you want to exclude from the dropdown as “Glossary”. (Select the book in the left-hand menu in SAB, under the collection name. Click on the Book tab on the right and set the book type).
Then, under the Features menu item, uncheck “Show Glossary books in book selection popup.”
That seemed to work for me, but I would test it out and make sure there are no unintended consequences.

Thank you VERY much.

So far that seems like the solution to the problem. Now we’ll just see if there are unintended consequences that pop up later…