Extracting Paratext 8 text ( using Ubuntu ) for English Versions for a tri-lingual mobile app

Has anyone tried downloading an English translation resource from Paratext 8 ?
I tried downloading WEB, NLT, etc. Whenever I extract files from the zipped file, it always prompts for a password.

Who do I ask for the password / what permissions do I need to extract the files from the zipped file ?

I’m not sure where you are downloading the files from as they are now only made available from the Paratext File menu (Install resources) and restricted for use in Paratext by qualified translators.

Any use outside of Paratext is unauthorized, which is why you found they are password protected.

Resources like the WEB may have open licenses, but in that case you will have to find them from a different source like ebible dot org

Most of the English resources in Paratext are Copyright and not free for reuse. No one will give you the password. Paratext has a license to use the texts in this locked format.

You can ask the copyright owners for permission to to use the NLT. Without that permission, if you made an app containing text you did not have permission for, you would be breaking the copyright law in one or more countries.

WEB is available elsewhere since it is Public Domain. https://ebible.org/find/details.php?id=eng-web&all=1
Get the USFM format.

Another Public Domain source is the OpenBible: https://openenglishbible.org/
It has a USFM source.

Also Unfolding Word has several versions available, Dynamic, Simple, Literal: https://unfoldingword.bible/bible/
Please not the license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. This is not public domain, there are things you have to do to make use of it.


I ran across this way back before PT8 was publicly released. I was downloading resources using the old PT7 method from the old PT7 website and they were asking for a password. Is that how you are getting them? If so, Doug’s answer above should solve your issue.