FCBH DBP Source for Text

So I’ve seen that you can choose FCBH DBP as a source for the audio – but is it possible (currently?) to use FCBH as the source for the text as well?

It crossed my mind and seems within the realm of possibility, if you could get one API key and build all the books out, no setting up books with the text.

The text format from FCBH’s Digital Bible Platform is not a format that is supported by Scripture App Builder. We are in conversation with them to consider supporting USX.


Hello Chris,

Not sure if it’s okay to resurrect this old thread but I am revisiting this topic. I can actually see that USX is one of the filesets in the FCBH API, so it’s available in my language.

Can I connect to the API and have it automatically get these texts? Or do I need to download all of them and then just add them as a source from my local system?

I just downloaded the latest version of SAB to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Let me rephrase this into an idea, and you can consider if it has enough utility to implement, assuming it’s not already in there somewhere:

as you do with audio, take an api key and fileset id.

from this endpoint:

You can get a result like this:

    "data": [
            "book_id": "GEN",
            "book_name": "...",
            "chapter_start": 1,
            "chapter_end": 50,
            "verse_start": 1,
            "verse_end": null,
            "timestamp": null,
            "path": "",
            "duration": null,
            "thumbnail": null

the path entry will have the URL from the bible api for the USX files.

so, maybe you can drop in a fileset id or a couple of them and it will pull the text and set up the audio! that would be slick.

@hope1: I have contacted FCBH and they do have a limited set of texts available as USX files. I will research what would be needed to add books using Bible Brain.