FCBH Matthew Lumos video

I’ve got a partnership with FCBH and I want the Matthew video which is using our Matthew audio Scripture in it, to play from a separate location in our app. I have on our Table of Contents a section called “Jesus Video” (using 97XXD.sfm file from Paratext). I’ve already have the Old Luke Jesus movie there in 12 parts. But I would like our Matthew movie to be there also.

I have used “add Video” in Media section of SAB to pull down "Gospel film clips from Faith Comes by hearing and it has placed 55 entries in to Media>Video section in SAB. Each of the entries of Matthew covers a small portion of Scripture. Will this run as one file until the movie is finished or it will stop at each section?

How can I get it to run continuously?

I do see someone mention to another person the following:

“You can also create a link to the bible.is Youtube Channel that has a playlist of each lumo gospel film in your language. You can create a Youtube link in SAB on the main menu or in a separate book of resources/websites that will show the entire gospel film, one clip after another from the Youtube Playlist.”

I can’t find the bible.is Youtube Channel and therefore can’t find our language in it. If it is there please help me?

FCBH has a licensing agreement with Lumo Films that allows them to provide localized versions of the film with different unabridged recordings from other languages. FCBH calls these Gospel Films.

However, they can only distribute it in chucks less that a certain amount of time.

You can access the Gospel Films through FCBH’s Bible App, Bible.is, or on their web app https://live.bible. The user cannot automatically listen to one video after another.

I believe part of the agreement for using Gospel Fiilms in your app is that they can’t be automatically listened to one after the other so that FCBH abides by their agreement with Lumo Films. To be sure, you can look at the BibleBrain license agreement.

You can create a separate .sfm file with \video links using the IDs in the video section.


Chris Hubbard