Feature reguest: Improved pop-up notification

Streaming vs Downloading Audio: It seems logical to set the default for the app to streaming, then the user can decide when using the app whether to download files or not. There are two problems with the current design: 1) First, if the app is set to streaming and the device is not connected to the internet, there is no message given. The app just keeps giving the animated icon that it is looking. It would be better if it gave a notification right away that there is no internet connection. This is what it does when it is set to download. 2) When set to streaming, it would be good if the app prompted the user to let him/her know that it is also possible to download, with the option of switching to that from the notification window. Otherwise, the user may not be aware what is happening or that there are two options. Likewise, when set to download, a notification window opens, but it does not indicate that streaming is an option. It just asks for permission to download. In places where people pay for their mobile data according to usage, they need to know what is happening when they push play and that they have two options: stream or download. As it is now, they will not know that unless they dig into the settings menu. Better to have a notification, which prompts them, so they know their options.