Formatting TOC

I’d like to prevent \toc1 content from wrapping within its column.

  • Can I make TOC to fully fit the page margins, and/or change the column widths within the TOC?
  • I don’t seem to be able to change the font size for the \toc# styles - whatever font size I choose, they seem to be the same size.

I realize that this is less than obvious… but to change the styling for the table of contents, you don’t want to change \toc# markers. Instead, you need to change the cat:toc|tr and cat:toc|tc1 markers as seen here:

Thank you for the quick response. That’s very helpful, I was able to change the font and indents.
However I couldn’t see how to change column widths, or the table width - would that be possible somewhere?
This is the TOC as it is now, it seems to me that the first column shouldn’t really have to wrap (the document is a lectionary in a Bible Module):

I managed to produce this now, using both toc1 and toc2, and by tweaking cat:toc|tr indents, which changed the table width nicely. I’d have liked the font a little bigger, with the columns a little narrower, but this is good enough. Thank you!

How can I put the chapter number for center but not in drop cap?
And how to adjust the bottom column of each pages?

Please give me a guideline.

To not use Drop-Cap chapter numbers, you can turn on a feature (usually used for Psalms or Proverbs) to place the chapter number in the center:

If you don’t want any label at all (e.g. I have a Chaper label of “Psalm” in the image above) then replace the word “Psalm” with \ZWNBSP and it should work fine. Note that this will work on an entire book. If you only want specific chapter numbers to be centered, then look up the \cl marker.

Adjusting the bottom columns is a bit too hard to explain here, but there are some “Finalize Layout…” videos at this link:

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A final observation on TOC column widths:
I found that he TOC leaders actually made the most difference. I had chosen “None” in the beginning, then changed to dots. These are results (only leaders differ):