Full screen on iPhones with a notch

Playing with different simulators for the iOS app, i noticed that when I double-clicked for full screen it doesn’t work as well on new iPhones with rounded corners and a notch for the camera.

It work fine on older models with rectangular screens.

I don’t understand what you think is wrong with the screens first screens you have displayed here. It is true that the full screen is restricted to the safe area on the screen so that the borders (or text if you don’t have borders) is not broken up by the indentation.


I don’t think we would want the border broken by the notch, right? Or are you saying that it should?


Hi, thanks for your replies.
My Samsung has slightly rounded corners and a punch hole camera, the full screen mode goes all the way into the ‘unsafe areas’ and I think it looks better than having the background, in this case white, on the outside of the borders.
The screenshots remove the camera and square the corners but here is a photo:

I suppose the Apple camera notch is quite different being about half of the width. I think I would still prefer the border to go all the way out and be interrupted. Or it could also move closer, there is a gap between the border and the indentation.
With no border I don’t see a problem with the notch covering text, if you want to read it, scroll down. It would only be there if you had scrolled up in the first place.
What do other think? If I am in the minority, I accept that. It’s not a deal breaker.