Generate and export the occurrence of list of word from an added Book


I used the feature under “CHARACTERS”, which shows the occurrence of the character from the current book (UTF-8) selected, and detected the invalid/unusual characters which were not supposed to be in the book and were removed/modify later from the book.

I was wondering if the same feature is used to check the occurrence of the “words” in the book which was not supposed to be in the book due to spelling/ typing mistake. I guess this will help to display the list of spelling errors unnoticed while proofreading/ typing.

The above feature with the statistic (list of the words and occurrence or with more details) list of words be exported as HTML (with sorted by) as per user delimiter characters.

The List of the words can also be used to create a dictionary meaning later when needed.


M Haokip.

The list of characters relates to the fonts used in the app, there is a correlation. There is no technical connection as to what words are used. It is not the responsibility of SAB to provide spell checking, that should be done before the text is imported into SAB.

If you prepare your text in Paratext you have the features you want there. There is no need for SAB to duplicate that functionality.

Let me know if I have misunderstood what you are asking.