Geo-location permission

looking for more detailed location information. Current ip-based location information is highly inaccurate. In a village context, it would be nice to be able to see how and where an app is being used and shared.

Given your other post, do you really want the data sent to you to be used by a third unauthorised party to know exactly where your users are?
If I was one of your users and feeling nervous and saw a permission come up to use location, my options are to deny the permission and hope the app still works or to uninstall the app.

Valid concern, and I, being Western, would most likely would have the same response. However, in our target context, EVERY locally produced app has unreasonable permissions. Users don’t have the same expectation of privacy that we do, and wouldn’t balk at giving that permission.

By “third unauthorised party” are you referring to the analytics provider i.e. Google, Amazon . . ? Or are you saying that that data is vulnerable to other unwanted outside parties?

A government third party.

I could see how that might be an issue in some contexts, but seems not to be in our context.

If security is the main issue, I would think that whether or not to include the permission should be a decision made by the app developer, and the decision on whether or not to grant the permission should be made by the user.