Glossary Words Markup Style selector not working

In the Body Tab, under “Include Scripture Text” there is a selector for “Glossary Words Markup Style”. Even though I have set this to “None”, PTX print seems to think it’s stuck on “star *before word”, as shown in the picture below. I’ve tried to change it to other settings, but only the “star *before word” behavior is observed.

Thank you for your help!

Thanks @ChristopherF for alerting us to this bug. We weren’t able to reproduce this, but have just made a change to the code which we hope has fixed the issue. We hope to release 2.0.4 with this and a few other minor fixes in the next few hours. Could you report back to us if the fix worked; and if not, we’ll keep digging.

Hello @mjpenny! Unfortunately, the problem persists. What more information would be helpful for me to provide for you? Here’s what I’ve noticed since:

In the unformatted Paratext file, the glossary markup looks good:

In “formatted” view in Paratext, no asterisks appear:

But I noticed that, in PTXprint in the “View+Edit” pane, in the “Final SFM” tab there are asterisks in the text here.

I don’t know whether this is the expected behavior when Body → Include Scripture Text → “Glossary Words Markup Style” is set to “star *before word” but it is currently set to “None”.

Thank you so much for helping me through this :slight_smile:

Hi again @ChristopherF - thanks for the screenshots which help us understand what you’re seeing. At this point, the easiest way for us to replicate the issue is for you to send us an archive using the instructions in this post. We’ll then be able to figure out why it isn’t doing what we expect. Thanks.

@ChristopherF Thanks for sending the archive. After a bit of scratching our heads, we realized that this isn’t a bug at all. The behavior is due to an unwanted rule in your PrintDraftChanges.txt file, which can be reached through the Edit link on the Advanced page (which brings up the file on the View+Edit page):

Comment out line 33 with a # as shown above and everything should work as advertised. (This line was needed when using Paratext’s PrintDraft feature, but gets in the way for PTXprint.)