Google play store related question

I have already published an app on google play store but it says> API version 3 is required{ any idea how to update this.

So far I haven’t seen any solution on the google developers site

Hi Allar, Google Play is requiring API 28 for new and updated apps as of November - so this new requirement may be what you’re running into.

If you go into Preferences/Settings, you can go into Android SDK and click Install Packages to makes sure you’ve got the latest tools.

I believe that’s all you have to do, then rebuild your app and upload to to Google Play.

Let me know if I’m not understanding your error correctly or if that doesn’t work.

Thanks for your explanations! But I have already latest platform API 28 etc

The notification i got from google is: ( ACTION REQUIRED: Your automated publishing to Google Play will stop working on 1 December 2019
Your app is using an old version of the Google Play Developer API. From 1 December 2019, versions 1 and 2 of this API will no longer be available, and any calls to these versions will fail. Update to version 3 before this date. Learn more)


Hi Allar, what version of SAB are you using? I’m wondering if that could be it. If you are not running 6.1, try updating via the downloads page.

I suspect that will do it, but let me know if that doesn’t work!