Gratitudes for the latest version of SAB software

I want to express my profound gratitude and shower panegyrics, accolades and even adulation on all the members of the team behind this powerful tool made available to us.

In this version 11, building an app becomes so easy. Thursday of last week, I was able to successfully built about 15 app for the update demanded by Google. In the past, I wouldn’t have been able to build up to 15 apps per day but now, it’s possible.

Also, warnings that we use to see on play console each time we publish an app has been reduced to only one.

Thanks so much children of God for this God’s work you’re doing. The Lord Almighty will reward you in Jesus name.

Thanks and God bless you. Americans are good people. We love you all.

Steve Jacob
An Igala man from Nigeria

Thank you very much, Steve, for your encouraging message. It is so good to hear this.
May the Lord bless you and all who use the apps you are building!

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Amen and Amen. Thanks so much sir @richard