HearThis instruction videos in French

I found a HearThis instruction video in English. Is there one in French?

Désolé, il n’y a pas de vidéos de formation sur HearThis. Cependant, il y a une aide limitée en français sur cette page web : Outilingua | HearThis. (Consultez le site Outilingua | Accueil pour tous vos besoins en matière de technologie linguistique).

Sorry, there are no HearThis instruction videos. However, there is some limited help in French on this web page: Outilingua | HearThis. (Check out the Outilingua | Accueil web site for all your language technology needs.)

If there is anyone who is able to provide this training in French, it would be most welcome. I know that on the EMDC platform, a lot of classes are becoming available in different languages, including French. There was some recent training for HearThis in English, so it would definitely make sense to try to provide the same in French.