Help! - First time user - Print button grayed

I just tried PTXprint for the first time. I entered the project name and a book to print. But the Print button is grayed, as are most of the settings. I can’t figure out why, and I can’t proceed. Thanks for any help you can give.

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I had the same experience, Kirk. Can’t seem to get it working.

Hopefully someone will have a solution for us.

Thank you @ToddOwen and @Kirk for informing us about your initial experience. I now have a third person reporting the same problem. We’re looking into the problem and trying to figure out why this might be. Is there any other information you can give us about your computer (for example, are you running Windows as an Administrator, or with ordinary (non-Admin) user rights?)

I just tried PTXprint on a different computer and it came up looking like this when first run:

and indeed the “Print” button is grayed out. But as soon as I selected a project and a book, then it changed to enable the button and other pages.

Something else to try: Use the (rather hidden) slider to Show Advanced Settings to see if anything changes:

You may need to close and re-open PTXprint for it to take effect.

I have the same issue. Downloaded it just to test it out, but the Print button won’t come online no matter what. Tried running as administrator with no better results. :frowning:
Toggling the Advanced slider doesn’t work either.

Thanks @philo for your feedback - yes, we’ve identified the issue and hope to get 1.5.3 out soon to resolve it, and a few other bugs that have shown up in the recent build.

I had same results as philo - running as administrator, toggling the advanced slider, restarting, resolves the problem. Running Windows 10. Thanks for identifying the issue and working on the fix.

Thanks for your patience! This issue has now been fixed. Please download and install version 1.5.3 (or later) - and it should work as advertised!

Wow, that was fast! Thanks so much, it’s working for me now!