Help! My thumbnails in contents menu are messed up


I’m not sure what’s going on, perhaps someone can give me some guidance. In my contents menu, all of my thumbnails display correctly. When I go into the view tab, or when I install the application, almost every thumbnail displays the SAME picture. (See attached photos). I’m not sure why.

Thank you

So I found that the cover image in the Bloom folder was named “coverImage200”. Every thumbnail for every book is named the same thing. This was making it so that one thumbnail was being applied to every book. When I choose to browse for the menu item picture, I was selecting the “coverImage200” file from each Bloom book in order to display that books cover image. I discovered that when you browse normally for a new image, if it is a unique image, it will add it to the “contents” image folder. I was repeatedly adding files of the same name: “coverImage200” which Bloom assigned to every book. Bloom doesn’t assign unique cover names to each cover file. Thus, I thought I was browsing and “adding” a new thumbnail image to my menu items, but in reality, I was just replacing the previously chosen file! Unfortunately SAB never alerted me that my file was the same name and thus would replace it. Alternatively, SAB could have chosen to add a number at the end of the file name, thus creating a unique file name. It seems like there is nothing left to be done but to rename each of my 80 Bloom book’s cover file’s name so the contents menu can recognize them.