Help with Chinese Interface terms (SAB 4.0)

I’ve just installed SAB 4.0 and am loving the cool new features! I am using Chinese interface for the app, but some of the terms I need do not yet have Chinese translations. I am pretty fluent in Chinese, but I’m not a Chinese techo, so I really need someone’s help with these terms, e.g. menu items like Contents, Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, Share App etc. Is there anyone out there who already has these terms on hand and who would be willing to help? Thanks!


We have someone working on Chinese terms for the App builder, that may help us fill in some more of the app strings too. I’ll ask him if he could look at that too. He may have already done that.

Can I give him your contact details as someone willing/interested to do a read through/review his Chinese terms?


Yeah, that would be great, Ian. My Chinese colleague and I have also been working hard on these, so it would be useful to compare notes. Do I need to tell you my email address, or can you already see it?