Hiding Glossary Book

Dear Ian,

Is there any way to completely hide the glossary book.
Though there is an option to hide the Glossary book from book menu, but when user is on second last book or book before Glossary book, he/she swipes the Glossary book opens. I want to completely hide the glossary book but the glossary words must appear as usual.

Humble regards.

Raja Sand

I don’t know of a way off hand.

If you want to completely hide the Glossary so it doesn’t appear in the app at all, you could delete it from the book collection when you build the app. If you want to build another version of the app with access to the Glossary, simply add it back in again. (Or maintain two versions of the app - one with Glossary, one without.)

I think the intention here is that the Glossary entries still need to be in the app (and linked in the text) so that when the user clicks on a glossary word it displays the glossary entry. BUT Raja wants the actual Glossary book hidden so that the users don’t “stumble into” the Glossary BOOK itself when they get to the last chapter of the last book of the collection. And presumably he also wants the GLO book hidden from the menu selection.
I can see how this could be useful, but NO, I don’t see a way of doing this yet.