Highlight destination browse verse

So if I navigate to the book, chapter, and verse I want, SAB nicely scrolls the display to an area around the verse. It would be cool if the verse could be somehow highlighted to catch the attention of the user as to where the verse is exactly on the screen. The verse could be underlined. Or it could be highlighted yellow for a second or two. Or the verse number could be circled or it could have some other kind of (transient) visible notation. I’m thinking of what Logos does when you navigate to a verse or chapter in a book.

This is a request from a user in India.

Dear, it already is. When I search any word and click on the result word, the app navigate to that verse and highlights for a half second or so and after that highlight disappears and only verse in normal look appears.

It will be better to have that verse highlighted, till the user taps it or so.

I did not know about this feature. However, my request was speaking about a different case–not a search. My case is navigating to a certain verse in the middle of a chapter. The app should do the same thing it does for a word-search result.