How can I add a rendering for a biblical term?

Short answer:
Do one of the following:

  1. Add a rendering in the Paratext Biblical Terms tool (if it occurs in Scripture)
  2. To add a new rendering for an existing term, go to a question that has the relevant (English) term, right click the term in the lower pane, and then click Add rendering.

Obviously the comprehension checking questions are not in Hebrew or Greek, so the way Transcelerator uses the biblical terms info from Paratext is by finding words in the English questions that match known English renderings for Hebrew or Greek terms. Then Transcelerator looks up the known vernacular rendering for each term in the question. So the more work you do in the Biblical Terms Tool to add all the correct renderings, the more complete will be the list of known renderings in Transcelerator.
However, sometimes the required rendering does not occur in the text of Scripture (because it is either a similar word that was not the best choice for any of the occurrences in Scripture or an inflectional form that didn’t happen to occur in Scripture). In such cases, the rendering can be added directly in Transcelerator (using approach #2 above). Renderings added in this way will not feed back into the BTT in Paratext.
For important practical and technical reasons, Transcelerator uses the “official” Major Biblical Terms list. So adding terms to a Project Biblical Terms list won’t affect anything in Transcelerator.