How can I add my alias to SAB in App signing

Some how my alias has been removed from my SAB when I did a download from Scriptoria. How can I put it back into SAB?

I tried Get Alias list but it came back with Failed to load keystore. File not found.

However my Keystore is still present in App Signing but not my alias. I know what is my alias but SAB is not allowing me to type it into it’s space. What must I do?

Just recently I purchased a new laptop and my old laptop has SAB and my keystore and alias is present. I thought if I uploaded my settings/data on SAB up to scriptoria and download it on to my new laptop using SAB maybe my alias would be substituted back into App Signing. But no it didn’t do anything

If SAB is not showing the alias then the keystore password isn’t correct. You could verify by using:


I’ve fixed it. I found the password for KeyStore. So I got SAB to import keystore again and then I put in it the password and the alias correctly appeared in SAB and it worked.