How can I jump directly to a passage from a link?

We have a separate app that is only the book of Proverbs for a Crescent Community, presented as “31 Days of Wisdom”. The content for the app comes from the Paratext XXF book, which contains an introduction to Solomon, and then incorporates the contents of PRO by reference, as a Scripture module.

We’d like to add a topical index with clickable chapter:verse numbers, like this:

Adultery: 5:1-23; 6:20-35

I can use \xt markers, like this:

\xt 5:1-23\xt; \xt 6:20-35\xt*

and this will get a pop-up from which they can jump to the passage.

Is there a way to jump in one click instead of two? I tried using deep linking, registering h31d:// as my custom URI Scheme, and then


in the text, and it came through formatted like a link, but was unresponsive.

Hi there,

I believe the following setting may achieve what you are wanting:

Just note, when this option is enabled it is default for all references in your app.

With regards to Deep Links, this only works outside the app, so if you send a WhatsApp with the the link h31d://PRO.6.20, it will open the app to the section of the app.
There is more info and Deep Link setup in the Building App documentation (Chapter 23) :

Hope this helps.

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