How to change the vertical position of the underline?

In SAB, when I search for a word, I really like the rapid (concordance-like) view with all the hits and the fact that the word is in bold. In my App, the word is also underlined with a very thin line, BUT the line is much lower than the baseline of the text, and sometimes even crashes into the text of the line below it.

Does anyone know which one of these styles I would need to tweak, and which parameter would need to be adjusted to bring the line higher?

I don’t see that problem in one of my apps that I looked at (found here, if you want to test the app:

My text styles are the same as what you posted above (except the last two have an additional “font-family: font1;”). What about the search styles under the User Interface Styles tab? All my styles there seem to be default. Do you have any modified (blue) styles there?

Can you show us a screen shot of how your results appear in the app?

Hi Mark

We had an app that wanted to remove the underline from search results, and unfortunately it’s not that easy. SAB doesn’t use an HTML page to display search results, so the CSS doesn’t get applied to it. What we ended up doing is turning on GeckoView in Appearance>Fonts>Font Handling. Caveat: " The required files will add at least 55 MB to your app size, so do not enable GeckoView unless you know you need it to display your fonts correctly."
With GeckoView turned on, the app does use a Webview to display search results, and so you can use the selector u to style the underline.
(it would be nice if there was an option to use a WebView to display search, without using GeckoView…)
This page has details on how to move the underline:


@jeff_heath Here is a screenshot showing the issue.

@Daniel_Harris I don’t think I want to add another 55MB just to have this working perfectly.