How to edit song index

I am building a song book from a Word document. I have italicised a part of each song title (\s1). This works fine until I check the song index. The index includes all the tags for bold and italics that are in the headings making for a mostly unreadable index.


Is there any way to edit the song index after SAB has created it. I don’t see any file with the generated index in the file structure.


SAB creates a SFM file from your docx file. You can export that and edit it then bring that in as the source instead of the DOCX file.
SAB is accurately representing the unnecessary parts(garbage) not visible in Word but are hidden in your DOCX file.

The auto song index is not designed for multiple styles. Unless you request a feature request to handle it.

I sort of imagine you are putting in multiple \s1 for each song.

\s1 \it Title\it* I will enter his gates with thanksgiving
\s1 \it Tune\it I will enter his gates

The above markup is the essence of what you are trying to do, with the unnecessary removed. \s1 are bold by default.

Instead of using the default song index. What about creating a Contents menu where you can have a list of song titles, song tunes names, composers, lyricists etc. Then the list defines what the content is.

I’d be happy to look at the exported SFM and give some examples, but after New Year. And generate a Contents Menu from the SFM.

Hi Ian,

I resolved this by indeed duplicating the title of each song in the word doc and assigning the first to \s1 and the second to \s2. For the s1 title I took out the extraneous stuff I didn’t want in the song index.

Then in SAB I changed the s1 style to zero point, zero line height and white text. Consequently it doesn’t show in the final build but the s1 words do show in the index. S2 then becomes the song title in the app.