How to generate a draft of already drafted book

Greetings! The project I am using contains books that we thoroughly reviewed and consultant checked. Other books are drafts made by a translator. I would like to create a draft of a book as if there were not already a draft and then compare the two. How would you go about it?

When you generate a draft, you’ll be asked to select which books should be used as training data. You’ll need to select only those books which have been carefully checked.

At this point in time we do not yet have a way to compare a draft to what’s already in the project (the draft will only be shown for verses that are empty in the project), but we are working on allowing you to compare the draft to what is in the project.

For the time being, we can create these kinds of comparison drafts for you using our “engineer-in-the-loop” tools. These tools create Paratext-compatible USFM files that we could share with you. I’ll reach out to you separately to share some details about that.

As Nathaniel mentioned, we’re hoping to add a feature like this to Scripture Forge as well.

Thanks Nathaniel and Michael, I could of course create a 2nd paratext project with just the consultant-checked books for the object of creating the Language Forge draft and then compare the two versions with the paratext compare feature … The translator would then need to manually adapt his already existing draft based on the language forge draft IF he decides LF has made a good proposal … Does that sound like a good workflow or would your "engineer-in-the-loop” tools serve us better?

Bart - this kind of workflow (based on a 2nd PT project) could be used to do what you’re looking for, as long as you’re comfortable managing information between the master project / duplicate project over time.

One note - for the duplicate project, make sure that the books that you want to draft are part of this project. That is, copy over the consultant-checked books, and also add the to-be-drafted books to the project. We recommend using Paratext’s “Create based on …” option when you add the to-be-drafted books, and specify the Paratext project/resource that you will be using as a source text in Scripture Forge for the Translation Drafting feature.