How to include a Link in Scripture text

We want to include videos in our app, but we would rather have a small link instead of the SAB full-width Video widget so readers are not overly interrupted while reading the text.

Does anyone know how to enter a link in standard format? Can an shorter Alias be used so the link appears as just a few words?

Thanks for any suggestions, Roger Green

The easiest way to insert links is to use Markdown format like so:

The app will then render it like this: title.

Hope that helps.

For videos, I think it should be a user setting. Some users might want:

  1. Show the video thumbnail
  2. Show just the title
  3. Do not display at all (for distraction free reading)

I have created this feature request:

Go over and vote on this request and give your feedback on where the in the interface it should be changable: appbar, navigation drawer, or settings.