How to incorporate FCBH Lumo Project video links into an app

Dear colleagues,
Offering the possibility to watch parts of the Jesus film in a scripture app is not new and instructions exist. Is the information about how to achieve that with the FCBH Gospel chapter videos available somewhere? Can someone point the way?

NB. On the web via windows 10 interface, I am presented with three “watch modes” 720p, 480 or 360 … Does the choice between these 3 files need to be made before creating the app? In other words, what determines the filesize a user is offered if it is not determined by the scripture app?

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In the Scripture App Builder “Add Videos” dialog, there is an option for FCBH Gospel Films. You will need to have a FCBH Bible Brain API key (you can request a key).

Hi Bart, How are you doing including getting FCBH Lumo videos included in your app. If you do not like the default thumbnails that appear with the videos in SAB, these can be changed. If you are check out the thumbnails we used here or install the app and see them there in Mark, Luke, John.

You can’t include more than a few videos in an app or it becomes too big. Instead, the videos stream from the FCBH server, and the resolution is set there depending on the internet connection speed. I think most of the video streams at 360 or 480 which is fine viewed on a phone.

Some people would rather read the Bible text without the video widgets appearing. There is a setting in the SAB menu where they can turn the video widgets off/on.

You can also create a link to the Youtube Channel that has a playlist of each lumo gospel film in your language. You can create a Youtube link in SAB on the main menu or in a separate book of resources/websites that will show the entire gospel film, one clip after another from the Youtube Playlist. Here is an example

Let us know if you need further help, Roger

Thanks Roger, this is a big help.

Hello Roger,

Looking at your suggestion to add the playlist at the bottom of each chapter I have tried to get this working:

The playlist is correct, etc. So now, next to the inline video clips, the bottom of the page of each chapter should have a video with the playlist. Is that correct?

In our case this is not visible or does not work? It could be because we already have a footer with some text and a telephone number to phone for inquiries …

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help Roger.

I think you need to specify the chapter and may also the last verse for each chapter. Try that. -rg

What needs to be added to the copyright if we include the FCBH Jesus film videos?

I agree with Roger that some people find the videos (size, position, etc.) very distracting when they are trying to just read the text, which is why many people will be using the app.

I know they can turn videos off/on in the settings, but most people will never know to look there, regardless of how I set the default.

  1. First idea is an on screen video icon/button (top tool bar) to show/hide videos, if the videos are added. Something similar to layout book icon, when you have mulitple collections.

  2. Second idea is a video settings that could make the video anchors display as a single text line (i.e. Watch Video for Mark1:1-10). It would be easily available but not distracting.

  3. Third idea (from a coworker) was to be able to put all the videos on a video tab. I think this could work very well. I tried creating a Video tab but it appears they currently only support local text files.

A workaround I might try is to add a message to the footer stating they can enable videos in the settings. UPDATE: Found out you can’t have videos hiddden by default, so this won’t help.

It would be nice to be able to auto place videos at the end of the verse range.

I copied this to a SAB request.


Hi Mike,
Just to add that in our context the distraction will be minimal because so very few people can read. But I agree that for a literate audience, one would like to be able to have a menu option to not show the videos.